The Start, The Return, The Brea Bag

3 Jan

I have intentions for 2010. I will be looking into setting up my own web domain for a comprehensive and introspect knitting blog. Hopefully. Sadly, most posts may come from my iPod Touch which means my TyPo’d Touch (you have been warned). I want a proper relationship with 2010, or as proper as one can have with a moving-quickly-into-toddlerhood baby. The more blogs I read, the more I knit, the more I think about knitting, the more I desperately want to share my knit-spiration. (Oooh… maybe that’s what I should call my blog. ‘Knit-spiration.’ Think it’s taken?)

Without any further ado, let’s get cracking:

Brea and Lining

The Brea Bag by Norah Gaughan
Calls for size 9 needles; I used size 11
KnitPicks Andean Silk
(My Ravelry)

The Brea Bag, started in May, 2007, for my friend Leslie, who had a large part to play in knitter-diction as I tore my way on my knitterly path. But as time wore on and the Brea remained in hibernation on my Ravelry page, I began questioning the color. Did I really choose this color for Leslie? Then I remembered the day I received the yarn (Andean Silk from KnitPicks). It was my first KnitPicks purchase and I was STUNNED. Flabbergasted. Mildly Horrified (can one really be only “mildly” horrified?) to find that the green I received was far more green than I anticipated.


In the end, I completed the bag (side two at a larger gauge as my tension is a bit more relaxed now) and will be sending it off Monday to my 13-or-so year old cousin, Carly. Here’s hoping she loves it.

The lining used is the same heavy cotton I got for a highchair cover. I thought it worked great against this uber bright green (some of the photos wash out that green).

My husband took my son out early on Knit Night so I could dedicate some time to sewing the lining. Good thing, because I rushed ahead and made a few small mistakes. Behold:

Oops. Again.

I had a lot of seam ripping to do. I blame this on the dreaded Mommy Brain. I then handstitched the lining to the bag, and though you can see it, I’m proud of the work.

Why is my cast off edge so lousy?

I omitted the gusset. When I started this project, I was new to the craft and so said, “Gauge? Whatever. Let’s do this thing,” and so used the biggest needles I could find (in Leslie’s arsenal as mine was puny). What I got were size 11 needles when the pattern called for 9. Therefore, no gusset. However, I did knit 15 rows of moss stitch for strap attachments. I then sewed (a word?) one on the inside with thread and one on the outside with the Andean Silk while watching Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. And yes, Mommy Brain did not let me down because I did put them through the handle loops before firmly attaching them to the bag.

The final result?

(I know. Some of these photos suck. Eh well. It’s a patience thing. I’ll work on it.)

The Brea was a fitting last project for the ought decade of 2000. A sign of closure since it took two and a half years to complete and will be given to a cousin in my dad’s side of the family, who I hadn’t seen in four or so years until I invited him for Christmas this year. It was awesome. And had he not been here, the Brea would surely be languishing still.

Let’s go, 2010. Up next, a quick preview of my current project (and cookies!).


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