Ellen in Maine

8 Feb

I have finally, without realizing I had it as a goal, created my own design. Start small,  yes?

My mother — Ellen — has moved temporarily from her cozy warm abode in Florida to the splendid winter air of Maine in order to help my very busy, admirable, stellar strong sister who just had a baby while in her first year of residency. On my mother’s way up to Maine, she stopped to visit us. Visit us, and you get a gift: she got some Dashing hand mitts. As she left, she let me know that a hat would come in handy when she reaches Maine. But it was right before Christmas, and I had enough Christmas knitting on my list that I had to put off the hat.

Well my mother likes to keep me on track, it seems. I called her to tell her about a hat I made for a cousin (pictures coming soon) and a hat I made for my niece (again, pictures coming soon) and about a hat I was going to re-knit for a friend as the original wanted a swim and dry in her appliances (poor friend! poor hat!). My mother’s reply to this glorious spiel of knitterly loveliness? “Well, you won’t knit that until after you knit my hat, right?”

I know. The gall, right? I love her.

So I immediately cast on with KnitPicks City Tweed DK and decided I would make a hat using my own nogging. With my iPod Touch app KnitMinder to keep notes, I began. This is the result and she loves it. Now I just have to mail it:

The pictures are not the best. They’re not even good or in the running, and I apologize.  I will try to get some better photos before I mail it off, preferably in daylight.

I will knit this up again in a solid color or handpainted yarn so the detail and cables are easier to see, and to be sure the pattern I have written is accurate. I hope it is because it would be fun to see if other people choose to knit it. When I finish and post it on Ravelry, I’ll call it the Ellen/Alan in Maine hat. Ha!


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