A Visit Gets You a Gift

10 Feb

Hermione Cable & Eyelet Hat

I have family up and down this side of our dear country. I don’t live in the “middle,” really, but when Florida or Tennessee family is traveling by car to Vermont or Maine or New York, we make a nice stop after a day of traveling. My cousin has stopped on several occasions, and her last time was to go play ice hockey up north. We stayed up late talking, ate some sugar cookies, laughed at my son, who was showing no sign of slowing down. Then I saw in her bag a cabled hat. I asked her about it (because that’s what knitters do), and learned that she had several issues with that hat, which start with the issues she has with her jacket. So it happened.

It happens all the time to you too, doesn’t it?

I offered, of course, to make her a new hat.

We discussed options. It seemed the most important factor was the color — it had to match her two-tone jacket. I was going to try making a cute bullet, brioche hat in Interweave Knits Accessories issue. But the pattern was for a child and I didn’t want to do any pattern-experimentation. My cousin would be driving back home soon so I had about three days to get this done. After much Ravelry searching, I decided to knit Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat, designed by JLYarnworks. The hat seemed perfect.

All smiles!

The crown -- great decrease!

And it was! The only modifications I made were: I did the super stretchy slipknot cast-on that I’ve talked about before. I pretty much now use that cast-on for all my knit projects. We’ll call it a “given.” I also added about three or four more rows to the brim, despite other Ravelry comments feeling the brim was too long. I think a long brim is great; no tugging over the years with my hats — don’t wanna stretch em out or anything, right? I used Paton’s Classic Wool yarn; NOT the Merino that the pattern called for. This was simply a mistake that turned out great. I love that it’s 100% wool — real wool — and yet not itchy. And the gauge was still fantastic.

I love this pattern. I can’t wait to make another one for myself. Maybe two. The decreases at the crown are lovely. One commenter on the JLYarnworks site said that the brim should be twisted rib, but I really like it as is.

I love the final result, and so did my cousin. She looked fantastic in it, and after she arrived home, she sent me the most thoughtful homemade thank you card. It was great to give a visitor a gift. I’m so glad I did.

Trying on Hermione's Cable & Eyelet Hat


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