10 on Tuesday

30 Mar

10 Favorite Easter/Passover Traditions provided by Carole Knits.

This will be tough. I don’t even know when Easter is, but I do remember things from Easters past.

1.) hiding jellybeans around the house and trying to find them all before Christmas

2.) making sure all the fake basket grass was picked up before it choked the vacuum cleaner and made that horrible burning smell

3.) my sister and I, when we were very young, getting new dresses, black shoes, white socks with ruffles and a fistful of pennies to give at church

4.) skip-Bo!

5.) I loved solid milk chocolate (but I don’t now. In fact, I hate it now)

6.) but I love white chocolate and white chocolate bunnies. I couldn’t find one this year so I got a white chocolate cross from the dollar store. My houseguests looked at me funny.

7.) peanut butter eggs. Hello!!

8.) traditionally, I hate those pasty egg almond things. Ick.

9.) in high school and college, I went to church twice a year because I was invited by my boyfriends’ families. Easter was one of them.

10.) discussing the bizarre desire to hide eggs that could rot, paint eggs that could break, and why an Easter bunny – isn’t this a religious holiday? I ignore “you boil the eggs first” protestations. Doesn’t add to the fun, realist. (what a downer).


2 Responses to “10 on Tuesday”

  1. ameoba in the sea March 30, 2010 at 10:37 pm #

    Passovers past: finding the matza before anyone and getting $$, drinking a glass of wine for every plague! Let my people, hiccup, go.

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