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10 on Tues./WiP Weds./iPod Death

17 Jun

Let’s start backwards: iPod Death.

My son  has finally done it. He dunked and dunked and dunked, and the iPod cum donut is toast. I’m terribly sad. I did so much on that thing. Contacts, calendars, reminders, photos, Facebook, emails, books, audiobooks, videos for the little guy during long car rides, music, podcasts, games for brainless “help me through the day” moments, NaNoWriMo, text messages, skype alerts, googling, maps, zen gardens, wikipedia, KnitMinder, HuffingtonPost, my newsfeeds and blog feeds.

It took me forever and a day to catch up with the blogs I’d missed when I first got my iPod. I do not have time to read blogs on the laptop with my little one. It’s just not going to happen. I fear my husband does not understand exactly what that iPod has done for me since he’s very hesitant to purchase a replacement – not another iPod (another $300 is asking too much – but it is what I really want), but perhaps a Droid Hero for $80 after a rebate? I guess it can be a hard sell because he already bought me a replacement iPod when my son dunked it the first time, but that was before we called Apple and found it could be replaced (the liquid indicator strip had not been activated since it wasn’t actually donut-ized), but this time, it will not be covered because they don’t cover water damage and it is most definitely and obviously water damaged.

This sucks. No more WordPress app.

I’m sad.

WiP Wednesday, as today is Thursday, that seems most appropriate:

First up, the Double V Cardigan in the Spring issue of Interweave Knits (I’d like to know why I haven’t yet received my Summer edition… hello, IK? Where is it?). I’m using KnitPicks CotLin in Island Coral. I’m using needles two sizes smaller (called for 6 and 4; I’m using 4 and 3). And because my swatch was so big, I’m making the small size rather than the medium. I think it will still have some positive ease when I’m done. That errate is primo importanto! That one little stitch change makes all the difference. My first gauge swatch was awful.

I really like the comfortable look of this sweater. It can be dressed up or down, and it just looks so darned... cozy! And sweet! And if fitted, vintage-sexy.

The CotLin feels very soft and I hope it hangs well.

Love the stitch pattern. I see it with gray, white, black, blue undershirts.

I still have to block the next project, a sweater vest made by SweaterBabe, but published in Knitty called Talia. I had some trouble at first, and my stitch count was off two times by two stitches, so I just added them in where I saw appropriate. But I misjudged my gauge. I made the small size and it’s definitely more fitted than I’d like, but I still haven’t blocked it and as you know: “Don’t Knock It Till You Block It!”

I probably could have picked up more stitches around the neck and arms, but alas, I did not. I love the scalloped, dragon scale lace motif around the edges. I think a heavier yarn and a bigger size would make this more flattering on me. I’ll have FO pics soon. I’ll be in Vermont next weekend and my sister in law is a tiny pretty lady so this should look nice on her.

I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Iris Heather, left over from the Jane sweater when it really was meant for the Cabled Pullover from Vogue Knitting in the winter. Plans change. 🙂

And finally, my last WiP for now, a Tomten jacket for my son:

He likes to wear his dad's hat and look totally awesomely cool.

I think it will fit him perfectly come Fall/Winter. Or close to, at least. For this, I’m using Patons Classic Wool in a brown Tweed, rose and cream (the cream is left over from the Hermione Eyelet and Cable hat I made for my cousin).

And this week’s 10 on Tuesday is 10 reasons to do the Ten on Tuesday. Oh! And there’s a new icon to use for it as well.

1. A weekly blog post guaranteed (unless you’re me; then it’s not so guaranteed. Especially with the demise of my iPod).

2. The topics force me to think about myself and what I might like in those categories. Like one week there was a 10 favorite musicals. I didn’t do it. Mostly because I just couldn’t find the chance, but I did think about it – and I couldn’t come up with many musicals because I rarely watch them. So now I think I should watch some! See how that works?

3. It’s nice to know I’m sharing a piece of the internets with other like-minded folks who are thinking about the same thing I am.

4. It’s like a pleasant homework assignment – something that forces me to take a few minutes to think about myself. Is that the same at 2?

5. It makes me wonder what I would want to know about other people if I were coming up with the topics.

6. Makes my blog more personal, so stalkers can find me an easy prey.

7. Reminds me that I know how to count to ten. Which is AWESOME!

8. I know at least one other person is reading my blog because I’m on that list (are you? I’m kinda guessing/hoping).

9. I can’t just rush through the post like I usually do because I have to actually think and though that can be irritating in one way because I want to do so much while I have a few precious moments on the laptop, I’m kind of glad for the forceful sit-down.

10. Why not? I used to do a Friday Five thing too… that was fun.

Peace out, homies. Nod your head to my wonderful iPod, still sitting in rice because I’m desperate and dumb and don’t want to give up, and if you have it in your powers, find a way to persuade my husband to graciously allow me another gadget that assists me in my sanity. I need it. Truly.


Some quick FOs

14 Jun

Oh the FO’s! And my severe lack of blogging. I even went out of my way to make a post a bit back about blogging at least once a week and I can’t even keep up with my weekly blogs! I’m a mess lately, but more than that, I’m trying not to do too much on my iPod (wondering if it’s not contributing to my headaches of late), and getting to the laptop peacefully is tough. When I have time to blog, I have time to knit and knitting always wins.

Here are a few for you:

Wanida! I made these for my mother using Rowan soft 4-ply. The stitch definition is extraordinary and because it’s straight up wool, they are a little baggy around the ankle and will stretch a bit too, but my mother loves them. I posted earlier about the jog issue and how I handled it using 2AAt. Since I don’t blog too often, I won’t link to it. Just scroll down a bit. Ha.

The third and fourth photos are a more accurate color representation.

Then I made the Cotton Baby Hat from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (I love this book) and paired it with a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman (ah. Love).  The cotton for the hat is good ol’ Sugar n’ Cream. The first BSJ is from Noro Silk Garden Sock (perfect for this jacket!). That one went to new Elisha, born in May. The second BSJ is for my cousin’s new baby, Maxwell. I haven’t mailed it yet as they just moved, but it’ll be too big for him anyway right now. It’s made from Jo Sharp DK Tweed. Not the Silk Road kind that people are crazy for (never used it before), but I did love the real wool feel of this tweed. I love all these projects.

Here’s some crazy photo love for you!

Isn't it just the cutest thing?

Took me forever to tie the bow just right. This project took less than two hours.

Beautiful colors! I can't wait to make another!

I had just the right amount of yarn. The gold really sets this one apart.

Even folded, it's amazing. EZ is a GENIUS!

I thought stripes were the only way to go with a BSJ. I was wrong.

It looks very classic and understated.

These buttons go with that "classic" look. This one is great.

You may notice in the last photo that my pick up stitches alongside the button band are both going the same way. The first BSJ I made, one side was “inside out” so to speak. This time, I just picked up as if purling the stitches I was picking up. Then they both came out in the same direction. I was very proud of myself for figuring this out.

Last FO. Socks for my father’s birthday. Took forever. I gave them to him after my birthday. Why? Well. Size 12 feet, don’t ya know.

The Cauchey pattern by Cookie A. in Sock Innovation

Easy pattern to memorize but would be better in a solid color yarn.

They look unnatural, right? Look how long that foot is! iPod is for scale.

The socks are made with that Bamboo & Ewe yarn. I picked it up at Joann’s. I want to say it’s a Sensations brand? I’m not positive. But it had a lot of yardage and I needed that. But I still had lots left! I think it will wear really fast. It is indeed soft.

Okay. FO’s done! Tomorrow, 10 on Tuesday and I’ll give you some WiPs on Wednesday! (I hope). Thanks for coming in and checking on me. I hope to be a bit more engaging in the future.

May the force be with you!!!

10 on Tuesday

8 Jun

I am a huge blogging slacker. I have many FO’s to post and will do it soon soon soon! I promise.

Today’s post is 10 favorite children’s books. I have so many.

1.) The Phantom Tollbooth. I read this for the first time in college when it was given to me as a gift.

2.) Where the Sidewalk Ends. I had all these memorized when I was younger.

3.) The Bear Snores On. I sing this to my son to the tune of the Beverly HillBillies. I love it.

4.) The Giving Tree

5.) Peter Rabbit stories. I hadn’t read any of these until my lil guy was born. Some are a little nuts (hello Momma duck losing her babies to a hungry wolf?) but some are really sweet.

6.) I love the Animal Alphabet A-Z book my son reads with different textures on each animal. The same guy did the Animal Tales book. They’re fun.

7.) Sheep in a Jeep. AWESOME.

8.) Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

9.) Barnyard Dance by same

10.) There’s a Wocket in my Pocket, by Dr. Seuss.

And below he’s reading Moo, Baa, La La La – another great one by Sandra Boynton.