16 Sep

Oh. I just don’t know. … I have decided to grow up in internet land. Every place I go “out there,” I leave a bit of myself behind in the form of a username and password. The username is usually always crobinator. When a friend offered to host a website for me, I used cmr, and have thought, for years, that I should take charge and own up to my name – be tough, bite the bullet, and buy a domain. Live out there! Take a stand! Owning your own domain is, in my mind, like buying a billboard and staking it on your front lawn. It says you have stuff to say, to do, that you want others in on the action. I’ve been blogging/online journaling for over ten years, but there is no one home. Here and there for a year, two years, three years, then I pick up and move again – so strange how like real life my nomadic internet moves are. So I’ll take root. Right here. At

You are my first house guests.

I know. Looks a lot like my last place, doesn’t it?

Now I think I need to hire a decorator. I have always done my own design – using old school HTML, with a spattering of CSS thrown in. But I had no choice. There were themes out there. Diaryland and Blogger were the most fun because you were given the codes specific to each necessary part of a page, but the space outside those codes was all yours to color in. It seems WordPress, at least thus far, does not offer the same ease of coloring as I had hoped. And all the fees and charges! Buy more to do more! Can’t it all be in one nice package?

So WordPress bloggers… what do you do? What is your system? I like using themes, sure, but I want my touch there. I want a big interface. I want a home page, a glimpse into the other rooms of my house from the central hallway or parlor. I don’t want you to be surprised about what room you’re entering next… I want you to crane your neck and see a part of it! At my old home, hosted by the beautiful webdiosa (see cmr.webdiosa), it was close. I wanted a running blog beside it and never got to it. Or three windows showing excerpts from the latest posts in my reading blog, knitting blog, and “check this out!” blog. Now I mainly want knitting and reading and my pseudo-political I-need-to-look-this-up blog, though the knitting portion will most likely, as most knitting blogs I read tend to do, include life. Because really, who are we all kidding?, knitting is so woven into our lives, we can’t separate them. At least, in my observation and experience, the ones who really feel that knitting has embraced them somehow, through all sorts of trials, tribulations and tour-de-forces, include life! What were we knitting during “that time of my life”?

I have lots to say. Many ways to say it (should I tell you my son is nursing while I type this with one hand?) And I need a solid, rooted place in which to do it. Should I move, irl, you can now do it with me — without all the stress.

Tell me how you live your blogging life, after you’ve purchased your domain. And where do you hang your crown?


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