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Sign from the Knitting Gods: IGNORED!

18 Sep

I started knitting emma peel from Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines, for my niece Anastasia. She’s six and she’s feisty! This dress is perfect for her. I chose to use leftovers of the Double V Cardigan (FO post soon), CotLin from KnitPicks in Island Coral, as well as a tangerine shine sport from KnitPicks (super soft!).

Well, I started knitting. I knit about 9 inches of the bottom piece until I reread the decreases directions and saw that I was supposed to be decreasing every 24th row, not 24th repeat. Whoops! I frogged 7 inches. Then I reknit to the waistband. And I looked at it. It was enormous. So frogged the entire then.

I started again using size 4 needles, and making the size 6 instead of size 8. It looks better. Will still be a little big on her, but better than before.

Then I spilled coffee on it. Then my son pulled the needles out.

I shall forge on.

Oh, knitting one. It is for the joy of the knit, not the coveting of the finished object. Right?